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An alignment solution only you and your dentist need to know about!
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Your Nearly Invisible Alignment Solution

Better comfort and aesthetics with Invisalign® clear aligners.

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Straightening your teeth at any age can be stressful with a mouthful of metal, but Wesley Orthodontics removes the unsightly brackets and wires with Invisalign®. These clear, plastic aligners correct your alignment issues without attracting attention.

Wesley Orthodontics is a proud Invisalign®Open link in the new window treatment provider for eligible patients with various teeth alignment issues, including crooked teeth and overcrowding. Invisalign® uses a series of precisely crafted, removable, clear aligners to gradually and gently move your teeth into their correct positions.

Patients enjoy a more comfortable, convenient, and aesthetically appealing way to perfect their smiles. During your plan, you wear each set of aligners for a set period and then move on to the next step. The number of aligners you need for your plan and its duration depends on your specific case.

The Benefits of Invisalign®


Invisalign® aligners are clear and virtually unnoticeable to onlookers whenever you open your mouth. You don’t worry about ugly metal on your teeth at work, school, special events, or with friends.


The plastic aligners are removable, letting you brush, floss, and eat anything you want for meals and snacks. You can maintain better oral hygiene and enjoy your favorite foods without brackets or wires.


Brackets and wires can irritate your oral tissue and make orthodontic care an uncomfortable experience. Invisalign®’s aligners are far less irritating and cause less soreness while you wear them.


You get stellar results throughout your treatment plan because the aligners are made to fit your teeth and alignment goals with high precision. Their exact fit also makes them more comfortable.

‘‘Professional, friendly staff. My kids love it’’

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‘‘Dr Wesley has been fantastic with my kids. I found him to be warm and not overly aggressive in his treatment plan - just suggesting fixing what needs to be fixed. I would highly recommend him and his office to anyone needing orthodontic treatment!!’’

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‘‘Everyone in the office is amazing and so is Dr Wesley’’

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Personalized Invisalign® Treatment Plans

Get started on your journey to beautiful teeth with an appointment at Wesley Orthodontics.

Our orthodontic staff can examine your teeth’ alignment issues to determine if you’re a good candidate for this treatment option and create a personalized plan to address your unique smile.

While on your plan, you’ll enjoy benefits like better hygiene, less pain or irritation, and no unsightly metal every time you flash a grin. We can answer your questions and advise you on the best orthodontic options for your teeth.